Black Lives Matter Support Fist

The Importance of the Black Lives Matter Movement

The death of Ferguson helped to propel the movement into the forefront of the American mainstream discussion.  It is no longer acceptable to be passive.  While the BLM movement is often misunderstood we wanted to help provide the resources for you to show your support.    

Support with Your Cash

While its not practical to live at rallies.  You can still show your support everytime you spend your hard earned cash.  Marking your paper currency with Harriet Tubman’s shows your dedication to the cause.  

Publicly Display Your Support

Research posted in the SAGE journals demonstrate the more diversity there is in the supporters of a movement, the more successful that movement will be.

We shouldn't wait until 2028.

None of us should wait for Steven Mnuchin to release the updated $20 dollar bill with Harriet Tubman.  We can do that on our own.  Join us and show your support for the Black Lives Matter Movement by updating every bill that comes to you.  

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