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Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman Standing


Harriet was born into slavery in 1822.  Following her personal escape she chose to return enabling some 70 others to escape over 13 trips with the help of the Underground Railroad.   

During the Civil War she participated as an scout and spy for the U.S. Army.  She was active in the Womens’ Suffrage Movement.  

She has become an icon of courage and freedom.

Harriet Tubman

Share the History

We are responsible for educating the next generation.  Stamping Tubman Over Jackson is a great fun opportunity to talk with your kids about our America History and the ongoing struggle to make tomorrow better than today for people of all colors and heritage.  

Harriet Tubman Risked Her Life for the Underground Railroad

Known as the “Conductor”, Harriet was instrumental to the escape of an estimated 300 slaves to the North over 19 missions .  She also acted as a spy during the Civil War with the codename, Moses.   Born into slavery, Harriet was dedicated to abolishing slavery.  Her astounding accomplishment drove her nomination to be displayed on the $20 bill.  Currently Andrew Jackson, a slave owner, is positioned on our most common currency.

When the Treasury Secretary Mnuchin announced that Jackson’s replacement would be delayed until 2028, many Americans took notice.  While many reasons were listed that encouraged this delay like security features, it was still disappointing.  

Be the Catalyst for Change

You may not be able to change the world but you can work to bring the people within your circle of influence into the arms of the Black Lives Matter movement.  

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Bold Vision

Please share your bold visions for the future.  Ending police violence is not the end.  There are so many aspects that desperately need attention: income, homeownership, unemployment, and generational wealth.  The top 62 people own half of the planet’s wealth.  That’s just not right.  We can be safe without guns, without a military police force, without unparalleled incarceration.  

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Silence is NOT the Answer

Silence implies consent.  We all must make it known when we disagree with the treatment of our neighbors.  The diverse multi-racial support across the country can be directly related to the increased pressure on our elected officials.  Change will only come when we discuss, share, and educate one another.  

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Finding A Balance

The Black Lives Matter movement has encouraged us all to pause and reflect on our daily lives and how racism has been institutionalized and occurs so often that we haven’t noticed.  The  oppression of minorities surround us.  Making peace with being uncomfortable is just the begining.  Taking a lifelong pledge to support a truly free and equal America should be everyone’s goal.